Rewards & Incentives

With Hundreds Of Staff Rewards, Sales Incentive And Consumer Rewards-Based Programs For Many Of The World’s Largest Brands Already Deployed, Let Us Help You Build Your Brand


Reward and incentive card programs

Reward and incentive card programs are a motivating, inspiring incentive and a powerful tool for changing behaviour.

Our card programs have enabled our clients and partners to motivate and retain employees, drive partner support or increase off shelf sales via consumer cashback or sales promotion mechanics.

Offering much more than just a store gift card, our card programs give employees and customers greater flexibility where they spend their reward. We can also deploy restricted use programs, dependent on your requirement.

QPay can provide a powerful way to build your brand, whilst improving cost efficiency over store cards. How do we do this?... if a card is not activated, the funds can be returned to you, making you significant savings rather than letting the gift card supplier benefit from unused funds on cards.

QPay Are Experienced In Conceptualising And Deploying Many Types Of Reward And Incentive Programs

These are just few examples...

  • Purchase cashback e.g. white goods or loyalty contracts
  • Competitions and instant wins
  • On-pack collectibles for a reward
  • Instant sign-up rewards
  • Trade rewards/loyalty schemes
  • Staff loyalty rewards and commission payments
  • Sales incentive programs

But if you have something else in mind, speak to us - we're always open to new ideas and love a challenge!


Here's How Our Incentive Cards Will Benefit Your Business:

  • Increase loyalty, adding further staff satisfaction 
  • Cards can be issued with a single one-time load or reloadable as part of an on-going staff or customer reward scheme
  • Unlike gift cards, which are normally limited to one retailer, our cards can be used everywhere including online. 
  • Personalised branded cards with your logo or imagery add impact to incentives by getting your brand out there
  • Cards can be physical or virtual providing greater flexibility

Physical Cards Or Virtual Cards Can Feature Your Own Brand

Our cards are accepted globally at millions of locations wherever the VISA or Mastercard Acceptance Symbol is displayed, so you can be sure your incentive program has mass appeal.

QPay have launched many programs for well-known global brands who have rewarded employees, consumers and trade customers.